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The current stats are appalling.

The current stats are appalling.

The current stats are appalling.

cause of death worldwide
coronary artery disease patients in the US alone
lost in annual income due to treatment since 2018
rise in heart disease projected by 2030

Our no-nonsense solution.

One subscription. One app. Daily access to experts and data that put you back in control of your health.
Message your cardiologist & health coach
Personalized advice based your current markers
24/7 support from your very own member care specialist to keep things running smoothly
Preventative medicine

Powered only by science that works.

Treeo's preventative medicine approach combines public health and lifestyle medicine principles to make disease reversal a possibility.
“After every interaction with my coach, I received resources that answered all of my concerns. I grew during this process and felt encouraged to make positive changes.”
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Private beta program, 2022

Backed by real people who are in this with you.

A mis/disinformation-free zone
You don't have to spend your days scouring <enter search engine/social media platform of your choice here> for health advice anymore. All of the very best information is right here, and it actually works.
Expert-monitored to eliminate confusion
Have a question about heart disease? Post it in the community, and our Chief Medical Officer will get back to you. Chances are, other members are wondering the same thing.
Connection as a key driver of wellness
Social connection is a key component of long-term wellness. We keep you connected with those on the same journey as you to uplift, empower, and encourage our members.
Live and virtual resource options
Want to learn more? In addition to our public blog, our in-depth resource library for members includes the latest research, access to events, and shareable content.

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